4th Annual Poster Session (October 22, 2009)

  1. Bailey, TaShara C., & Faheemah N. Mustafaa.
    Engineering Education for the Betterment of Society: K-12 & Student Transition Initiatives
  2. Cohn, Amy, & Marcial Lapp.
    Teaching Mathematical Modeling using Innovative Technology Applications
  3. Conger, Amy, & Volker Sick.
    Integrating International Experience into the Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum
  4. Daida, Jason M.
    Translating Problems into Code: What Findings in Decision-Making Suggest about Teaching Computational Problem Solving at the First-Year Level
  5. Fidkowski, Krzysztof J.
    On Oral Exams in Undergraduate Engineering Classes
  6. Finelli, Cynthia J., & Marie Kendall-Brown.
    Using an Interactive Theater Sketch to Improve Students’ Ability to Function on Diverse Teams
  7. Fisher, Amy S., & Karen Moronski.
    M-STEM Academy Value Added: Improvements to First-Term Grades
  8. Ganago, Alexander, Inger Bergom, & Britton Wolfe.
    Investigating the Impact of a Wiki on TAs’ Teaching Experiences
  9. Holsapple, Matthew A., Janel A. Sutkus, Cynthia J. Finelli, Donald D. Carpenter, Trevor S. Harding, & Kelley Walczak.
    Development and Testing of a Survey to Measure Ethics Education Experiences & Outcomes
  10. Lapp, Marcial, Jeff Fleszar, & Jeff Ringenberg.
    Engineering Online Gateway System: Ensuring Student Learning through Automated, Milestone Exams
  11. Phillips, Jamie, & Emine Cagin.
    Investigating Inquiry-Based Learning in an Introductory Course on Semiconductor Devices
  12. Phillips, William (Bill).
    Designing Teams for Innovation and Education
  13. Reid, Tahira N., Richard Gonzalez, & Panos Papalambros.
    A Design Science Approach for Automotive Design: Implications for Engineering Design Education
  14. Ringenberg, Jeff, & Marcial Lapp.
    An Application of the Engineering Online Gateway System for Predicting Success in ENGR 101
  15. Samson, Perry.
    LectureTools—Using Laptops in Class to Increase Attentiveness and Engagement
  16. Sienko, Kathleen, & Aileen Huang-Saad.
    Minor in Multidisciplinary Design: Global Health Design Specialization
  17. Walczak, Kelley K., Cynthia J. Finelli, Matthew A. Holsapple, Trevor S. Harding, Donald D. Carpenter, & Janel A. Sutkus.
    Institutional Barriers to Integrating Ethics Education into the Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum