CRLT-Engin Careers

At CRLT-Engin, we are committed to an equitable and transparent hiring process. The purpose of this page is to support potential job candidates as they navigate through the hiring journey and make decisions about future employment. We are an organization that values collaboration, reflection, and excellence; so if there are ways we can make this resource more helpful, please complete this anonymous google form.

Resources to Support Job Applicants

Career Information: Job Postings

CRLT-Engin is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for an open position.  This is an exciting opportunity to join a vibrant, collaborative Center with extensive partnerships on teaching and learning across the College of Engineering (CoE) and beyond.

Background About CRLT-Engin

Established in 2004, the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering (CRLT-Engin) represents a partnership between the College of Engineering and the CRLT. Founded in 1962, CRLT was the first teaching center in the United States and CRLT supports all 19 schools and colleges at the University of Michigan. The College of Engineering is ranked 6th and 7th nationally for undergraduate and graduate education respectively with over 7,400 undergraduate students and over 3,350 graduate students. CRLT-Engin customizes its evidence-based programs and services to collaborate with 540 faculty and over 500 student instructors each term.

  • CRLT-Engin mission, vision, values: pdf link here
  • CRLT-Engin staff directory and CRLT-Engin organizational chart: Links to staff directory and organizational chart
  • CRLT about page: See CRLT website, including the CRLT Welcome book 
  • Relevant terms and acronyms:
    • CoE – College of Engineering
    • CRLT-Engin – Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering
    • STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Description of Search Process

This section describes the typical consultant search process and provides a high-level review of the timing and the goals for each stage of the hiring process.

Information About Life at Michigan and Living in Ann Arbor

Below we invite you to explore several websites that highlight a range of information about living in the vicinity of Ann Arbor, MI and working at the University of Michigan.

  • A curated list of identity-based resources: Forthcoming
    • See a comprehensive guide to Ann Arbor area churches, synagogues, and religious fellowships.
    • Social Identity Communities: Forthcoming
  • Resources for moving to Ann Arbor
    • See a map of the Ann Arbor Neighborhoods, including school information.
    • See the Ann Arbor Observer (includes local events for adults, kids, from music to lectures to nature to religious).
    • Campus maps:
Frequently Asked Questions

This section describes questions that potential candidates may be interested in learning while they are considering positions at CRLT-Engin.

FAQ: link to document