Engineering GSI Videos

Engineering GSIs Demonstrating Elements of Lesson Planning

To develop a lesson, it is important to consider the following elements of lesson planning: introduction, main body, an instructional activity, meaningful checking questions, and conclusion. These videos highlight engineering GSIs demonstrating these elements as a part of a practice teaching session. Visit this website for more information on how to create a lesson plan. For videos of engineering faculty teaching in the classroom visit this page.

Develop an Introduction

Plan a short creative introduction to stimulate interest and thinking. In this practice teaching example by Mike Moffitt, the principles of a binary search are applied to the UM student directory.

Develop the Main Body

Create an outline for the lesson based on the learning goals you developed. You are encouraged to prepare a handout or an overhead to help clarify things. In this practice teaching example, the Sarah Root explains the three principles of mathematical modeling.

Develop an Activity

Plan an activity to get students to interact with each other. Decide precisely what you want them to do, and plan clear instructions for the task. As an example, Sarah Womack directs the students to conduct experiments with penny tosses to prove the central limit theorem.

Develop an Activity

For another example, Sean Holleran gives the class a problem to solve together about pressure change with height after a mini-lecture on the subject.

Check for Student Understanding

Design the specific questions you will ask. Write down precisely how you can state them, and then paraphrase them so that you are prepared with more than one way to ask the questions. Try to predict the answers your questions will generate. In this practice teaching example, Sarah Root asks the students questions about the principles of mathematical modeling using an in-class problem about Geppetto’s Wood Carving Incorporated.