Engineering Teaching Consultant Application

How to Apply

Applications are closed for the Fall 2021 semester. This webpage will be updated in March 2022, with details about the Fall 2022 semester.

Applicants need one semester of teaching experience but, more importantly, a passion for discussing and improving teaching practices. No consulting experience is necessary. Please submit applications to

Information To Know Before Applying

  • Scheduling of hours is very flexible and ranges from 0-5 hours per week
  • Each ETC may only work a maximum of 60 hours each semester
  • ETCs are paid $28.47/hour in their first term
  • The ETC program is a highly collaborative and supportive work environment

Engineering Teaching Consultant Activities

  • ETCs receive training in consulting techniques from CRLT-Engin
  • Collect feedback from the students of the GSIs/IAs and discuss it with the student instructor confidentially
  • Perform one-on-one consultations with individual GSIs/IAs on a variety of teaching-related issues
  • Attend bi-weekly training meetings and continue to grow as an instructor and consultant 
  • Participate in the Engineering Graduate Student Instructor Teaching Orientation
  • Help facilitate ongoing professional development for new IAs and GSIs

Desired Skills and Interests

  • Willingness and desire to learn 
  • Desire to take on a mentoring and supportive role 
  • Interest in education research and pedagogy
  • Interest in gaining experience to prepare you for a career in a teaching-focused environment or institution 
  • Interest in meeting other GSIs and working with students across the College of Engineering

For more information about the Engineering Teaching Consultant Program, contact Audra Baleisis (