Engineering Teaching Consultant Application

How to Apply

Applications for the Fall 2024 semester are due by Monday, April 1, 2024, at 8:00 am.

Applicants need one semester of teaching experience but, more importantly, a passion for discussing and improving teaching practices. No consulting experience is necessary. Please submit applications to

Information To Know Before Applying

  • Scheduling of hours is very flexible and ranges from 0-5 hours per week
  • Each ETC may only work a maximum of 60 hours each semester
  • ETCs are paid $29.00/hour in their first term
  • ETCs receive training
  • The ETC program is a highly collaborative and supportive work environment

Engineering Teaching Consultant Activities

  • Observe GSIs and IAs and provide them with feedback
  • Collect feedback from the students of GSIs/IAs and discuss it with the student instructor confidentially
  • Conduct one-on-one consultations with individual GSIs/IAs on a variety of teaching-related issues
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings and continue to grow as an instructor and consultant
  • Participate in the Engineering Graduate Student Instructor Teaching Orientation
  • Help facilitate ongoing professional development for new IAs and GSIs

Desired Skills and Interests

  • Willingness and desire to learn
  • Desire to take on a mentoring and supportive role
  • Interest in education research and pedagogy
  • Interest in gaining experience to prepare you for a career in a teaching-focused environment or institution
  • Interest in meeting other GSIs and working with students across the College of Engineering
For more information about the Engineering Teaching Consultant Program, contact Audra Baleisis (