Engineering Teaching Consultant Program

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Who are the Engineering Teaching Consultants? 

The Engineering Teaching Consultants (ETCs) at the College of Engineering are a group of experienced Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) who serve as consultants and teaching mentors to the rest of the GSI and IA population in the College of Engineering. The Teaching Consultants at the College of Engineering are centrally organized through the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and are trained and supervised by staff from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering (CRLT-Engin). While centrally organized, the ETCs are responsible for Graduate Student Instructors in group departments, allowing ETCs to get to know one cadre of Graduate Student Instructors very well.

The ETC program in the College of Engineering was founded on the belief that developing GSIs could benefit from the unique guidance, support, and experience that peer mentors provide. While all GSIs have access to mentoring from their advisors or other professors in their department, the peer mentor relationship provides a safe venue for the exploration of teaching strategies and discussion of teaching initiatives and issues. ETCs in the College of Engineering are trained to mentor in a facilitative way, a model that appeals to their own sense of their role, and approaches the collegial style of supervision preferred by most GSIs. Additionally, the nature of the peer mentor-mentee interaction is such that it creates a reciprocity that benefits both individuals becoming a valuable learning experience for the ETCs themselves.

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