Customized Department Workshops

2019-2020 Teaching Workshops

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CRLT-Engin is available to facilitate customized teaching workshops and conversations during faculty meetings and department retreats. The thirty to forty-five minute sessions available for the 2019-2020 academic year include the following:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Engineering Inclusive Classroom Environments
In this session, faculty will examine a variety of classroom scenarios and brainstorm strategies to improve classroom climate and respond to problematic dynamics. **New scenarios available for 2019-2020.**
Inclusive Teaching Strategies
In this interactive session, participants will learn about various inclusive teaching strategies and discuss with colleagues how they can implement these strategies in their own contexts.
Understanding How Stereotype Threat Affects Student Learning
Research shows that when students worry about fulfilling a negative stereotype related to certain social identities, it can hurt their learning (a phenomenon known as stereotype threat). In this interactive session, participants will learn about strategies for mitigating stereotype threat in their classes.

Encouraging Growth Mindset to Support Student Learning^
Research shows that an instructor’s beliefs about their own and their students’ intelligence and ability impact the classroom environment. In this 45-min session, participants will learn strategies to encourage a growth mindset for students in their classes.

Identity Matters: Understanding the Impact of Social Identities in the Engineering Classroom
In this interactive session, participants will reflect on how their own and their students’ social identities impact the learning environment in engineering courses.

Instructional Practices
Actively Engaging Students in Engineering Courses
In this session, participants will learn about the research-based evidence for the effectiveness of active learning teaching methods. Participants will also discuss ways to implement these strategies in their own classes.
Are They Getting It?: Low-stakes Ways to Assess Student Learning
Classroom assessment techniques (CATs) are quick and useful ways to gather information on what, how much, and how well students learn. Instructors can use the data to create more effective learning environments. Participants in this session will identify ways to use CATs in their own class.

‘Flipping’ the Engineering Classroom^
This session will focus on how engineering faculty can engage students during class by moving traditional lecture prior to class. Participants will experience a “flipped classroom” by watching short videos prior to the session and engage in conversations and activities relevant for designing a class session.

Designing Successful Engineering Teams
How can instructors set up teams to succeed? In this session, engineering faculty will discuss their experiences using teams, gain insights from their colleagues, and explore research-based strategies for designing effective teams.
^ Sessions that are 45-min long.