Engineering Instructional Aides Teaching Orientation

New engineering undergraduate instructional aides (IAs) are REQUIRED to attend a teaching orientation.

Orientation includes a half-day of interactive sessions on teaching, followed by a practice teaching session later that week.

For new IAs, your training will consist of 3-4 parts:
1. Online pre-orientation modules to be completed before September 10. To complete these on Canvas, click here.
2. In-person orientation on September 10 (please register below).
3. A practice teaching session on September 11 or 12 (which you select upon registering for orientation)
4. If you are a new IA from the EECS department, or a new GSI, ongoing professional development needs to be completed during the semester (see here for more information)

For questions about requirements, please contact Krista Quinn ( Any new IA who does not complete the training and on-going professional development requirement will not be allowed to serve as a College of Engineering GSI in future terms.

Registration is closed.

Fall 2019 Orientation Details
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
4:15 pm – 9:30 pm
Michigan League 
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   All new engineering GSIs need to register for the orientation.

   To view the orientation agenda click here. 

   Click here to view the materials from the orientation.