Practice Teaching

 image002.jpgThe purpose of practice teaching is to give instructors an opportunity to stand in front of a group of their peers and deliver a brief lesson on a topic that is of interest.  During practice teaching at Engineering GSI Teaching Orientation, you will be asked to deliver a 5 minute lesson.  At active learning practice, you will be asked to deliver a 10 minute lesson containing an active learning component. 
Practice Teaching Assignment
Active Learning Practice Assignment
Videos: GSI Practice Teaching Examples
How to prepare for a practice teaching lesson

The following seven steps are a guide to assist you in developing your lesson. Depending on how much time you spend during the lesson on each part, you may not be able to include all of these steps. In general, it is a good teaching practice to strive to incorporate all of these steps. For the advanced practice teaching lesson it may not be feasible.


  • Select a topic: What do you want to teach your students?
  • Determine your learning goals: What do you want students to identify, solve, analyze and/or construct?
  • Develop an introduction: What are some real-world examples or practical applications for this subject? What are some historical or personal anecdotes that would motivate student interest?
  • Develop the main body: What information do the students need to know? What examples, questions, or problems would help them understand this information the best?
  • Develop an activity: How can you facilitate student interaction with the concepts from the lesson?
  • Check for student understanding: What are some specific questions you can ask your students?
  • Develop a conclusion: What are the main points that you want to summarize?


More information

For more information on teaching strategies and engineering resources go to the following websites:

You may also request help from an Engineering Teaching Consultant by clicking here.