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Annual Reports & Highlights

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering (CRLT-Engin) represents a partnership between the College of Engineering and the main CRLT office on central campus. At the end of each academic year, CRLT-Engin publishes an annual report to summarize its activities over the previous year.

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        Past Annual Reports & Highlights:


          Annual Report Highlights 2014-2015

          Annual Report Highlights 2013-2014

          Annual Report Highlights 2012-2013

          Annual Report 2011-2012

          Annual Report 2010-2011

          Annual Report 2009-2010 

          Annual Report 2008-2009

          Annual Report 2007-2008 

          Annual Report 2006-2007 

          Annual Report 2005-2006

          Annual Report 2004-2005 

          Annual Report 2003-2004


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