Towner Prize Winner

Phillip Yang

BME 241: Biomedical Undergraduate Laboratory
BME 458: Biomedical Instrumentation and Design

In the BME 241 and 458 lab courses that Phillip taught, he emphasized to his students the importance of design thinking throughout the months that they met. Instead of simply giving answers to his students, he led them to solutions in such a way that they benefitted greatly from the interaction. Phillip incorporated a variety of classroom assessment techniques during the term in order to gauge his students’ understanding of the material. This allowed him to change his teaching style dynamically to fit their needs. In addition to his routine and expected duties, Phillip took it upon himself to update and streamline the documentation associated with each of the laboratory modules. He always challenged his students to think beyond the core content taught in class, looking for problems in their daily lives that can be improved on with their newly acquired skills.