10th Annual Poster Session (April 19, 2016)

  1. Laura Alford, Valeria Bertacco, Mary Lou Dorf, & Sophia Kotov.
    Combating Implicit Gender Bias in Introductory Computer Programming Courses
  2. Matt Collette, Alex Choi, & Daniel Sinnott.
    Studying Student Experience of Complex Design Projects with No Prototype
  3. Charles Dershimer & Victoria Bigelow.
    Documenting STEM Teaching Interns’ Development of Science and Engineering Practices
  4. Mary Lou Dorf, Ben Hayward, Holly Derry, Amir Kamil, Erin Donahue, & Kristen Escher.
    Personalizing Intro Computer Science: ECoach in EECS 183, 200, and Beyond 
  5. Robin Fowler.
    Demographic Effects on Student Reported Satisfaction with Teams and Teammates
  6. Robin Fowler.
    What do Students Talk About, and How, During Team Design Negotiations Held via    Synchronous Chat and Face-to-Face?
  7. Alexander Ganago, Mohammad Rassouli, Hyunsoo Kim, & Joshua Kotrba.
    Student Perception of Their Learning in a Flipped Class for Non-Majors
  8. Andrew Giugliano & Andrew DeOrio.
    Long Term Effects of Partner Programming in an Introductory Computer Science Sequence
  9. Aileen Huang-Saad, Christina Morton, & Julie Libarkin.
    Demystifying Entrepreneurship in Higher Education: A Systematic Review of Entrepreneurship    Education Assessment Research
  10. Aileen Huang-Saad, Christina Morton, & Julie Libarkin.
    Investigating the Impact of the Lean Launch Curriculum for Engineering Entrepreneurship Students
  11. Lisa Lattuca, Jennifer Pollard, Michele Randolph, Erika Mosyjowski, Michael Brown, & Katie Shoemaker.
    Students’ Sense of Belonging in Undergraduate Engineering
  12. Jennifer Lee, John Gosbee, Rachael Schmedlen, Stephanie Kusano, & Jan Stegemann.
    The Medical Device Sandbox: A Creative Learning Experience for BME Students and Medical Learners
  13. Brian Love, Julia Jackson, Stacie Edington, & Frank Marsik.
    Retrospective Study of ENGR 110 to Gauge the Impact of Instructional Changes without    Considering Q1/Q2 Scores
  14. Tim McKay.
    REBUILDing STEM Education at Michigan
  15. Tim McKay, Holly Derry, Ben Hayward, Galina Grom, & Ben Koester.
    Reducing Gendered Performance Differences in Introductory STEM Courses
  16. Ibrahim Mohedas, Shanna Daly, & Kathleen Sienko.
    Stakeholder Engagement during Front-End Design: Characterizing Novice Design Practitioner Behavior
  17. Sara Samuel, Jake Carlson, & Joanna Thielen.
    NetCDF and NASA Data Centers and DMPs – Oh My! Developing a 2-Credit Data Literacy Course for    Graduate Students in Climate and Space Sciences
  18. Ginger Shultz, Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Raymond Pugh, & Anne Gere.
    Implementation of Writing-to-Learn Pedagogies in Large-Enrollment Gateway Courses in LSA and Engineering 
  19. Alexandria Steiner, Laura Hirshfield, Cynthia Finelli, & Debbie Chachra.
    Investigating Task Choice in First-Year Engineering Team Projects 
  20. Julianne Vernon, Deborah Goldberg, & John Wolfe.
    Engaging Students in Authentic Research in Introductory Chemistry and Biology Laboratories