Inclusive Teaching in Engineering

  • A GSI helped me and took the time to get to know me during office hours. I felt very encouraged and that I belonged in that class. Even though I wasn't pursuing computer science, I felt like I could if I wanted to.
    Quote from an U of M engineering student

CRLT-Engin Inclusive Teaching Vision

CRLT-Engin provides a range of resources to support faculty, postdocs, graduate student instructors (GSI), and undergraduate instructional aides (IA) in incorporating inclusive teaching practices. The materials provided in this website are designed to support those efforts, helping members of the COE instructional community promote an inclusive teaching mindset and incorporate evidence-based practices that will engage and support all students. Through the adoption of sustained and intentional practices, these efforts will ultimately allow the engineering profession to better include all segments of our society, including those individuals who have been historically underrepresented within engineering and underserved by the fruits of engineering work.
To view the CRLT/CRLT-Engin DEI strategic plan click here.

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