11th Annual Poster Session (March 13, 2017)

  1. Aaron Johnson & Cindy Finelli
    A Seven-Course Classroom: Different Uses of a Flexible Classroom Space 
  2. Alisha Diggs, Joi Mondisa, & Robert Scott
    Assessing Intervention Commonalities of the Preparing Future Faculty Program Initiatives
  3. Amy Rechkemmer
    Examining the Effect of a Paradigm-Relatedness Problem Framing Tool 
  4. Andrew Zak & Fei Wen
    Student Created Youtube Videos: A Multimedia Assignment to Foster Active Learning in a Large Engineering Classroom 
  5. Caitlin Holman, Benjamin Plummer, Rachel Niemer & Barry Fishman
    Know Your Choices: Exploring How Instructors Support Student Autonomy Through Assessment Design 
  6. Charles Kowalec & Andrew DeOrio 
    Partnership Composition and Student Performance in an Introductory Computer Science Course
  7. DeLean Tolbert
    Living, Learning, and Leveraging Engineering Skills Learned in Socio-cultural Settings 
  8. Elizabeth Gross, Diane Peters & Shanna Daly
    The Master’s in Engineering Student: Does Industry Experience Change the Learner?
  9. Elizabeth Strehl & Robin Fowler
    Computerized Text Analysis of Student Reflections in the First-Year Engineering Curriculum
  10. Jacqueline Handley, Elizabeth Birr Moje, Jerome Lynch, & Katherine Flanigan 
    Using Modular Technology as a Platform to Study Youth Approaches to Engineering Practices
  11. Laura Hirshfield, Aileen Huang-Saad & Julie Libarkin 
    Integrating the Lean Launch Entrepreneurship Curriculum into Engineering Courses
  12. Magel Su, James Coller & Robin Fowler
    Assessment of Peer Mentoring of Teams in a First-Year Design-Build-Test-Communicate Class
  13. Matt DeMonbrun & Cindy Finelli 
    Development of a Survey Instrument to Measure Student Response to Instructional Practices 
  14. Meg Bakewell, Associate Director of CRLT; Marybeth Bauer, Project Coordinator, REBUILD Project; Matthew Kaplan, Executive Director, CRLT; Timothy McKay, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education and PI of REBUILD project; Deborah Meizlish, Sr. Associate Director of CRLT
    The Foundational Course Initiative (FCI): A Proposal for 21st Century Support for Teaching at Scale
  15. Megan Lambert, Jeri Preston, Meg Vandekerhove & Devon Mulry 
    Undergraduate Engineering Retention $ U-M CoE’s DEI Strategic Plan 
  16. Michael Thouless 
    Slow and Steady: Teaching ME211 Over Two Semesters 
  17. Mike Daniel, Director of Policy and Operations; Amy Homkes-Hayes, Digital InnovationGreenhouse Lead Innovation Advocate. 
    Digital Innovation Greenhouse – An Overview
  18. Prateek Shekhar, Aileen Huang Saad, Ricardo Cummings, & Valentina Tafurt
    Assessment of Student Learning in an Entrepreneurship Practicum Course