2019 Teaching Innovation Poster Fair

  1. Amy Baer, Andrew DeOrio
    A Longitudinal View of Gender Balance in a Large Computer Science Program
  2. Robert Dalka
    An Exploration into Student Conceptions of Systems through a Writing Activity
  3. Steve Yalisove, Alex Sarracino
    Circle Time: Mixing Up Active Learning Activities
  4. Rachel Vitali, Noel Perkins, Cynthia Finelli
    Continued Assessment of iNewton for the Engaged Learning of Engineering Dynamics
  5. Karishma Collette, Stacie Edington, Raven Knudsen, Elizabeth Levesque, Frank Marsik
    How Stakeholders Inform Collaborative Course Design: A Case Study of ENGR 110
  6. Tim McKay, the Physics 140 FCI Team
    Physics 140x – a Foundational Course Initiative Studio Teaching Experiment
  7. Kristen Escher, Tony Shin, Mary McMeekin, Phillip Yang
    Richard & Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors: 2019 Winners
  8. Andrew Zak, Luke Bugada, Fei Wen
    Student-Created Youtube Videos: A Multimedia Assignment to Foster Active Learning in a Large Engineering Classroom
  9. Aileen Huang-Saad, Cassandra Woodcock, Nicole Friend
    The BME Instructional Incubator and BME-in-Practice Courses
  10. Emma Brennan-Wydra, Trevion Henderson, Aaron Johnson, Cynthia Finelli, Joanna Millunchick
    The Role of Socialization on Participation in Engineering-Based Co-Curricular Activities
  11. Betsy Strehl, Robin Fowler
    Who Do We Expect to Do the Work? Experimental Evidence Regarding Gendered Task Allocation on Teams
  12. Heather Rypkema, Foundational Course Initiative, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching  
    Foundational Course Initiative (FCI)
  13. Shai Revzen, Ziyou Wu
    Giving Access to Previous Projects Enriches Student Experience
  14. Abigail Azari, Michael Liemohn, Brian Swiger
    Jupiter With Jupyter: Teaching Data Visualization and Statistics in Geosciences
  15. Perry Samson, Judy Yu
    Keeping Attendance in Class: There’s an App for That
  16. Paul Fontaine, Brianna Christy
    MECC: Michigan Engaging with Community Through the Classroom
  17. Robin Fowler, Laura Alford, Stephanie Sheffield, Molly Maher, Holly Derry, Ben Hayward, Ollie Saunders, Ke Yu, Kristen Miller
    Tandem: A Web-Based Tool for Supporting Students in Teams (And the Instructors Who Love Them)
  18. Veronica Caro, Brandon Carter, Kathleen Sevener, Joanna Millunchick
    The Efficacy of Virtual Reality Teaching Tools
  19. Patricia Koman, Gail Hohner, Gregory Wakefield
    University of Michigan’s Multidisciplinary Design Program: Enhancing Engineering Education
  20. Aaron Johnson, Jessica Swenson, Max Blackburn, Candace Wiwel, Jessica Hernandez, Cynthia Finelli
    Use of Technology and Movable Furniture in Flexible Classrooms
  21. Amy Hortop, Nishant Jalgaonkar, Robert Loweth, Charlie Michaels, Ilka Rodriguez-Calero
    Using C-SED a Lot… And a Little!
  22. Robin Fowler, Laura Alford, Stephanie Sheffield, James Coller, Magel Su
    What Do Students Think About Various Team Interventions in Our Team-Based, Project-Based First Year Course?