2nd Annual Poster Session (October 23, 2007)

  1. Adriaens, Peter, Corrie Clark, Robert Sulewski, & John Wolfe.
    Optimization of Green Roof Systems for Multifunctional Buildings: A Three-Year Integrated Civil and Environmental Engineering Design Course Experience.
  2. Andrews, Jill & Lorelle Meadows.
    K-12 / University of Michigan Partnerships: Engaging Today’s Teachers, Training Tomorrow’s Scientists and Engineers, and Opening Pathways for K-12 Students to Pursue STEM Careers.
  3. Delgado, César, Shawn Stevens, & Joseph Krajcik.
    Building and Understanding of the Big Ideas in Nanoscience: An Uneven Development of Knowledge.
  4. Finelli, Cynthia, Trevor Harding, Donald Carpenter, & Janel Sutkus.
    Academic Integrity among Engineering Undergraduates: Seven Years of Research by the E3 Team.
  5. Hohne, Daniel, Leeann Fu, Barry Barkel, & Peter Woolf.
    The Wiki Approach to Teaching: Using Student Collaboration to Create an Up-To-Date Open-Source Textbook.
  6. Holloway, James.
    Teaching Flux in the Age of Desktop Monte Carlo.
  7. Liu, Thomas, Christopher Deline, Rafael Ramos, Steven Sandoval, Ashley Smetana, Yang Li, Richard Redick, Julie Bellerose, Bogdan Oaida, Peter Washabaugh, Brian Gilchrist, Nilton Renno, Suzanne Lessack, Rebecca Wind, William Woelk, Theresa Biehle, Laura Dionisio, Nathaniel Gallagher, & Katie Thorne.
    The Student Space Systems Fabrication Laboratory: Enhancing Space Systems Engineering Education.
  8. Mazzei, Arnaldo & Richard Scott.
    Broadening Student Knowledge of Dynamics by Means of Simulation Software.
  9. McAfee Jr., L.C.
    Factors for an Effective LSAMP REU
  10. Ringenberg, Jeff & David Chesney.
    MySpace in the Classroom: Classroom: Note Taking Collaboration via a Social Networking Model.
  11. Ringenberg, Jeffrey, Elliot Soloway, & David Chesney.
    Curricular Middle Management: The Role of a Graduate Student Instructor in a Senior-Level Design Course.
  12. Stevens, Shawn, César Delgado, Kelly Hutchinson, & Joseph Krajcik.
    The Nanoworld: Exploration of Student Understanding and Motivation.
  13. Veenstra, Cynthia & Gary Herrin.
    Comparison of First-Year Calculus I Engineering Students to Pre-Med, STEM and Non-STEM Students for Student Success.