3rd Annual Poster Session (October 14, 2008)

  1. Chesney, David.
    The Art and Science of Story-Telling in the Engineering Classroom
  2. Finelli, Cindy, Molly Ott, Amy Gottfried, Chad Hershock, Chris O’Neal, & Matt Kaplan.
    Consultations on Teaching: Benefits for Engineering Faculty
  3. Fisher, Amy S. & Thomas P. McGuinness.
    Enrollment of Students Admitted to the U‐M College of Engineering
  4. Ganago, Alexander. Andrew Watchorn, & John DeBusscher.
    Computer-Controlled Experiments in Introductory Electric Circuits Laboratories
  5. Huang-Saad, Aileen.
    Fostering the Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Engineering Classroom
  6. Hulbert, Greg.
    Term-Based Team Project in Undergraduate Engineering Mechanics
  7. Kieffer, John, Michael Aldridge, Jessica Bickel, Arthur Feldman, Michael Katz, Michael Warren, Changgua Zhen, & Tershia Pinder-Grover.
    Enhancing Materials Science & Engineering Curricula through Computation
  8. Lapp, Marcial, Jeff Fleszar & Jeff Ringenberg.
    Engineering Online Gateway System: Ensuring Student Learning through Automated, Milestone Exams
  9. Lee, Malisa.
    Persistence Analysis of Engineering Undergraduate Students
  10. Masse, Johanna C. & TaShara C. Bailey.
    Student Impressions of the 2008 M‐STEM Academy
  11. Mesa, Vilma, Cynthia Finelli, & Ozan Jaquette.
    Measuring the Impact of an Individual Course on Students’ Success
  12. Mirecki-Millunchick, Joanna, Tershia Pinder‐Grover, & Crisca Bierwert.
    Using Screencasts to Enhance Student Learning in a Large Lecture Material Science and Engineering Course
  13. Phillips, Jamie D. & Emine Cagin.
    Investigating Inquiry-Based Learning in an Introductory Course on Semiconductor Devices
  14. Ringenberg, Jeff.
    American Idol Comes to the Classroom: Using a Multi-tiered Class Competition to Increase Student Collaboration and Comprehension
  15. Samson, Perry.
    Beyond Clickers — A Web-Based System for Lecturing
  16. Veenstra, Cindy P.
    Using Critical Thinking to Improve Engineering Student Retention
  17. Yalisove,Steve, Tershia Pinder-Grover, Crisca Bierwert, & Kristen Tebo.
    Teaching Where Students Learn: A Fresh Approach to Deploying GSIs