5th Annual Poster Session (February 8, 2011)

  1. Harvey Bell, Shanna Daly, Brian Gilchrist, Gail Hohner & James Holloway.
    Making a college-level multidisciplinary design program effective and understanding the outcomes.
  2. Robert Bielby, Cynthia Finelli, Trevor Harding, Donald Carpenter, Janel Sutkus, Brian Burt, Eunjong Ra & Matthew Holsapple.
    Impact of different curricular approaches to ethics.
  3. Brian Burt, Donald Carpenter, Cynthia Finelli, Trevor Harding, Janel Sutkus, Matthew Holsapple, Robert Bielby & Eunjong Ra.
    Outcomes of engaging engineering undergraduates in co-curricular experiences.
  4. Heather Eardley, Joanna Frye & Angela Vidal-Rodriguez.
    Who majors in STEM: Psychological measures that predict major choice.
  5. Omolola Eniola-Adefeso.
    Engaging K-12 students in the engineering classroom: A creative use of undergraduate self-directed projects.
  6. Robin Fowler.
    Engineering students’ perspectives on electronic feedback for communication projects.
  7. Katie Green, Tershia Pinder-Grover & Joanna Mirecki Millunchick.
    The efficacy of screencasts to address the diverse academic needs of students in a large lecture course.
  8. James Holloway & Lorelle Meadows.
    Do high grades lead to high instructor evaluations?
  9. Matthew Holsapple, Janel Sutkus, Cynthia Finelli, Donald Carpenter, Brian Burt, Eunjong Ra, Trevor Harding & Robert Bielby.
    We can’t get no satisfaction! Ethical reasoning and satisfaction with ethics education.
  10. John Kieffer, Michael Aldridge, Gerri Bernard, Jessica Bickel, Arthur Feldman, Michael Katz, Brian Lassiter, John Thomas, Michael Warren, Chang-Gua Zhen, Jong-Wook Kim & Tershia Pinder-Grover.
    Enhancing materials science & engineering curricula through computation.
  11. Marcial Lapp, Kyle Summers & Jeff Ringenberg.
    Mobile Participation System (MPS): Engaging students in higher education via non-traditional audience response systems.
  12. Lorelle Meadows & Denise Sekaquaptewa.
    The effect of group gender composition on student participation and learning in undergraduate engineering project teams.
  13. Abigail Mechtenberg & Debey Sayndee.
    Engineering of energy designs: Creativity and empowerment.
  14. Diane Peters & Shanna Daly.
    The challenge of returning: Transitioning from an engineering career to graduate school.
  15. Eunjong Ra, Cynthia Finelli, Matthew Holsapple, Robert Bielby, Brian Burt, Donald Carpenter, Trevor Harding & Janel Sutkus.
    Relationships between engineering students’ curricular and co-curricular experiences and their ethical development.
  16. Perry Samson.
    Broadcasting lectures live on the web: Lessons learned.
  17. Kathleen Sienko, Aileen Huang-Saad & Moses Lee.
    Innovative sustainable designs in multidisciplinary global health design minor.