8th Annual Poster Fair (March 17, 2014)

  1. Justin Foley, John Pitre Jr., Kathleen Ropella, & Ashley Verhoff.
    Workshops on Fundamental Engineering Skills: A Graduate Student Led Teaching Initiative
  2. Justin Foley & Jamie Phillips.
    Pre-Class Online Modules: “Low Cost” Version of a Flipped Classroom?
  3. Alexander Ganago, Matthew DeMonbrun, & Sudarshan Sivaramarkrishnan.
    Development of student motivation in a required Electrical Engineering (EE) course for non-EE majors
  4. Carlos González-Cabezas, Mary Wright, Olivia Anderson, & Margherita Fontana.
    Exam questions developed by students lead to higher cognitive level of learning 
  5. Anne Greenberg, Melissa Gross, & Mary Wright.
    Effects of Image-Based and Text-Based Activities On Student Learning Outcomes
  6. Gina Hedberg, Benjamin Koester, & Timothy McKay.
    REBUILD: Researching Evidence Based Undergraduate Instructional and Learning Developments
  7. Ann Jeffers & Paul Beata.
    Learning Outcomes of an International Service Learning Project in Civil Engineering
  8. Elsie Kaufmann, Ibrahim Mohedas, Shanna Daly, & Kathleen Sienko.
    Characterizing the next generation of medical device innovators: Ghanaian student perceptions of biomedical engineering
  9. Julia Kramer, Shanna Daly, Seda Yilmaz, Colleen Seifert, & Richard Gonzalez.
    Design Processes in an Upper-Level Design Course: An Evaluation of Design Heuristics
  10. Lisa Lattuca, Michael Brown, & David Knight.
    Influences on Engineering Instructors’ Emphasis on Interdisciplinarity in Undergraduate Courses
  11. Steven Lonn, Cinda-Sue Davis, Darryl Koch, Joanna Millunchick, & Stephanie Teasley.
    Using Digital Badges to Recognize Undergraduate Engineers’ Co-Curricular Learning
  12. Nicole Michelotti, Jared Tritz, David Winn, & Tim McKay.
    Using E2Coach to Encourage Peer-to-Peer Learning
  13. Ibrahim Mohedas, Shanna Daly, & Kathleen Sienko.
    Longitudinal study of students’ use of design ethnography during a capstone design course
  14. Mary Jane Northrop & Elaine Wisniewski.
    Flipping the Classroom for Technical Communication Lectures in Large Lecture Courses: Student Perception and Performance
  15. Tershia Pinder-Grover & Anne Greenberg.
    Leveraging Choice to Motivate Ongoing Professional Development for New Graduate Student Instructors
  16. Sara Rimer.
    Preliminary Results on the Experiences of Liberian Women Studying Engineering
  17. Sara Samuel, Paul Grochowski, Natsuko Nicholls, Leena Lalwani, & David Carter.
    Students, Vendor Platforms, and E-textbooks: Using E-books as E-textbooks   
  18. Perry Samson.
    Data Mining Student Notes and Questions 
  19. Laura Sanchez-Parkinson, Thalia Maya, Shanna Daly, James Holloway, Lorelle Meadows, Amy Conger, & Kathleen Sienko.
    Culturally Contextualized Design Process: The Trajectory of Engineering Student Learning 
  20. Elizabeth Stewart, John Younger, & Michael Solomon.
    Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Learning in ChE 696: Microbial Soft Matter 
  21. Samuelina Wright, Eli Silk, Shanna Daly, Kathryn Jablokow, Meisha Rosenberg, Wesley Teerlink, & Seda Yilmaz.
    An Expanded Ideation Metric for Assessing the Variety of Design Ideas 
  22. Steve Yalisove.
    Scalable Engaged Learning Environments: Replacing Traditional Large Lectures With Little to No Extra Cost