Teaching Equity-Centered Engineering

Below are some upcoming equity-centered Teaching Circles open to Michigan Engineering instructors.

DEI Teaching Circles

Teaching Equity-Centered Engineering (TEE)

In collaboration with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education and the Center for Socially Engaged Design, CRLT-Engin is offering Equity-Centered Engineering Teaching Circles for instructors interested in co-developing DEI content for their engineering courses and creating equitable and inclusive classroom environments. These teaching circles are a part of the NSF-funded Teaching Engineering Equity Center at Michigan Engineering.

In the Teaching Circles, engineering faculty will explore and practice equity-focused teaching (EfT) strategies, design or revise course materials, and exchange feedback in a supportive environment. 

  • Option 1 is for faculty who are beginning their journey to better understand equity in both the engineering field and engineering education. Dates: May 7, May 9, May 14, May 16, and May 21

  • Option 2 is for faculty who have a foundational understanding of equity and are interested in deepening their knowledge on this topic, especially as it relates to teaching and learning in engineering. Dates: May 23, May 28, May, 30, June 4, and June 6

Both options will cover the following objectives at different depths.

  • Utilize knowledge, tools and strategies to design and implement equity-centered engineering courses. 
  • Examine scholarly literature, case studies, and other resources related to equity and inclusion in STEM education. 
  • Purposefully reflect on how their own identities, beliefs and experiences affect their approach to teaching engineering. 

Participants are expected to: 

  • Complete pre-work for each session (e.g. short readings, working on course materials, reflections).
  • Attend all 5 sessions (10 sessions if doing both Option 1 and 2).
  • Submit a final deliverable (e.g. an equity-focused course element or lesson)
  • Receive a CRLT-Engin service (class observation, midterm student feedback, or consultation)
  • Provide feedback about the teaching circle.

Faculty will receive a $1000 stipend for their active participation. For faculty interested in participating in this teaching circle, please indicate your interest here.

Please complete this form to provide additional information to the organizers by 5PM EST April 9, 2024.

Inclusive STEM Teaching MOOC

The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project is an NSF-funded, multi-institutional massive open online course (MOOC) that was created to advance inclusive teaching practice in higher education. This course typically runs twice a year from October – November and March – April. Since 2020 CRLT has offered learning communities to complement the online content. Starting in Fall 2023, we will no longer offer a learning community. However, UM STEM faculty, postdocs and graduate students are still welcome to take the MOOC.