Experiential Learning at Michigan Engineering

Experiential learning allows students to develop and practice skills and competencies in unscripted, authentic settings. In the CoE, experiential learning opportunities include participation in design and competition teams, study abroad, professional and honor societies, scientific research, or identity-based organizations. Experiential learning can also happen inside the classroom, when students work on projects, design challenges or case studies that mimic real-world situations.

A framework has been developed by the ADUE office to help faculty and students reflect on and assess experiential learning. Twelve competencies were identified as more relevant to engineering. The goal of the framework is in the figure below.

Photo of two engineers working on a project. Text overlay says The goal of this initiative is to provide all undergraduate students with a framework to intentionally explore opportunities, engage meaningfully in experiences, reflect on what they have learned, and communicate the value of the core competencies they developed.

Experiential Learning Teaching Circles

In collaboration with ADUE, CRLT-Engin ran a Teaching Circle to help a group of faculty learn about the 12 competencies and how they might adopt the experiential learning framework in their contexts. If you are interested in participating in an Experiential Learning Teaching Circle please email crlte-cop@umich.edu.

To learn more about the framework please see the resources below: