Introduction to Teaching for Accessibility

July 17, 2023 July 30, 2023

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Session Abstract: Introducing theories and practices of accessibility in teaching, this asynchronous 2-week workshop is structured to support you in a process of active learning and reflection about accessibility in your own pedagogical practice.  The goal of this workshop is not to give you a simple checklist of strategies that will guarantee that your courses are accessible to your students (as you’ll learn, such a checklist doesn’t exist). Instead, our goal is to show you that ‘teaching for accessibility' is an active practice and an ongoing pedagogical commitment that you cultivate in relation to your students.

Note: While the workshop is open for asynchronous participation from Monday 7/17 to Sunday 7/30, there are two assignment deadlines to be aware of: participants should 1) introduce themselves on Canvas by Thursday, July 20 and 2) complete final reflection by Sunday, July 30.

Additional Information: 

Session Format: Remote Asynchronous (Canvas)

Intended Audience: Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs, Admin/Staff, UG Instructional Assistants

Facilitator(s): Esther Witte

GTC eligible? Yes, B2-DEI


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