Student Instructor Consultation

What is a one-on-one consultation?

A one-on-one consultation is a confidential, 30-60 minute meeting where you work with an Engineering Teaching Consultant (ETC) to address any teaching and learning questions you may have. 

Why should you request a one-on-one consultation?

Engineering Teaching Consultants can discuss a variety of teaching-related topics with you. Some of these confidential conversations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

      • developing lesson plans
      • using active learning in class
      • incorporating technology into teaching
      • discussing student ratings
      • developing efficient methods for grading
      • establishing/maintaining authority in the classroom
      • working effectively with IAs, GSIs, and faculty
      • developing clearly stated goals for student learning
      • providing feedback on teaching philosophy statements
      • managing time and responsibilities
      • discussing teaching orientation materials

    Who will conduct your one-on-one consultation?

    College of Engineering student-instructor consultations is conducted by the Engineering Teaching Consultants (ETCs). The ETCs are a group of experienced Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) who serve as consultants and teaching mentors to the College. To learn more about the current ETCs click here.