Student Instructor MSF

What is a Midterm Student Feedback (MSF)?

The Midterm Student Feedback is a three-step, confidential process where you work with an Engineering Teaching Consultant (ETC) to gather student feedback. 

  1. You will meet remotely with an Engineering Teaching Consultant to discuss your experiences in your course and how the consultant can best help, including identifying possible survey questions.
  2. Your ETC will send a customized survey to your students to gather anonymous feedback.
  3. You will meet remotely with your ETC to discuss the feedback and identify strategies and techniques to build on your teaching strengths and improve the class based on the feedback, which will be summarized in a report.

Why should you request a Midterm Student Feedback?

  • To obtain information about how your students feel about your teaching before the end of the term.
  • To reflect on ways to enhance your instruction and confirm which techniques are working well in the classroom or lab. 
  • To poll your students about specific concerns that you have that you do not feel comfortable asking yourself

Who will conduct your Midterm Student Feedback session?

College of Engineering student-instructor MSFs is conducted by the Engineering Teaching Consultants (ETCs). The ETCs are a group of experienced Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) who serve as consultants and teaching mentors to the College. To learn more about the current ETCs click here.