Towner Prize Winner

Abigail Azari

CLaSP 423: Data Visualization and Statistics for Geoscientists

While co-teaching and co-developing CLaSP 423, Abigail incorporated new interactive programming technologies focused on developing student skills in data visualization, programming, and statistics. Abigail developed a series of lab experiences in Python to introduce the core concepts of data science grounded in real-world climate and space problems with Jupyter Notebooks, which allowed for co-located data visualization, text, and programming. She emphasized the importance of iterative programming for gaining competency, rather than inherent talent, to encourage her students’ learning. Abigail has striven to make herself and her knowledge as accessible to students as possible, through her development of new material and extending office hours upon request. Additionally, the materials and notebooks developed by Abigail and her co-teacher have been shared with, utilized by, and praised by educators at other institutions, including UCLA and other UM campuses.