Towner Prize Winner

Aditya Muppala

EECS 215: Introduction to Electronic Circuits

Aditya Varma Muppala’s tenure as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for EECS 215 showcased exceptional dedication and innovation in teaching. Amid the challenges of remote learning, Aditya proactively introduced iPad-based discussions and created YouTube tutorials tailored to address student needs, creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. His willingness to adapt teaching modalities and provide personalized support outside of class hours underscored his commitment to student success. Aditya’s proactive approach, coupled with his genuine concern for student wellbeing, exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding educator, making him a deserving candidate for recognition as an Outstanding GSI. Furthermore, Aditya’s efforts extended beyond the classroom as he continually sought feedback and implemented improvements to enhance the learning experience. His creation of comprehensive tutorial resources and his accessibility to address student inquiries beyond official working hours demonstrated his dedication to facilitating student comprehension and success. Through his exemplary teaching methods and unwavering commitment to student welfare, Aditya has significantly contributed to the academic growth and development of his students, embodying the essence of an exceptional Graduate Student Instructor.