Towner Prize Winner

Alexander Hill

ChE 342: Heat and Mass Transfer

Alexander Hill expressed the dedication and commitment necessary to bring his best teaching forward during an all-virtual, remote teaching semester. Recognizing that the stress of coursework and the pandemic really started to drain the students early in the semester, Alex reflected on his own experience as a student. When he was enjoying a class, learning its content, and connecting with the teaching team, he was typically more engaged with the material and more confident in his own ability to learn and succeed. As such, Alex felt that adding some levity into our recitation sessions could help the students better enjoy the course content and feel more comfortable in the virtual teaching space. After all, learning is often at its best when it is fun. He proposed a section addition to recitation slide decks – Alex’s Tips. These tips were often related to the course material that Alex developed when he was a student in the same course. Students found these tips extremely helpful and provided some levity during the all-virtual semester. By leaning on his experience as both the student and the teacher, Alex provided a unique and improved method of teaching that enriched his students and himself.