Towner Prize Winner

Alex Song

CEE 582: Environmental Microbiology

Hang “Alex” Song is an exceptional doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan, embodying a rare combination of scholarly excellence, teaching prowess, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Throughout her academic journey, Alex has demonstrated a relentless dedication to research and learning, earning praise for her outstanding performance in coursework and research projects. As a Graduate Student Instructor for CEE 582: Environmental Microbiology, Alex has showcased her innovative teaching methods, revamping laboratory sessions to enhance student engagement and foster a deeper understanding of complex concepts. Alex’s commitment to student success was further exemplified by her proactive measures to support students in navigating the intricacies of the “Cell Culturing, Enumeration, and Microbial Growth” lab, where she dedicated additional hours to data collection and organized supplementary office hours focused on elucidating theoretical concepts. Beyond the classroom, Alex actively contributes to diversity initiatives within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, furthering her commitment to creating an inclusive academic environment. With her remarkable academic achievements, mentoring skills, and steadfast dedication to promote inclusive innovation, Alex shows the spirit of academic leadership and is poised to make transformative contributions to both research and education in environmental engineering and microbiology.