Towner Prize Winner

Brian Raeker

EECS 330: Introduction to Antennas and Wireless Systems

As a GSI, Brian Raeker aimed to illustrate the real-world applications of electromagnetism, as well as minimize the number of barriers between students and their understanding of the course material. As a PhD student, Brian utilized his resources and contacts to organize a lab tour for students in order to further build upon the real-world uses of the course material, and he brought fellow PhD students to class as guest lectures to discuss their work. Brian also sought to ensure student understanding of the theory and coursework itself by fostering an encouraging and enthusiastic atmosphere in office hours to engage students in any setting, lab or office hours, and ensure that students felt comfortable to ask questions and improve their understanding. Additionally, Brian revised lab manuals to reduce student frustration and improve clarity so students could focus on the concepts and applications of electromagnetism rather than the process. Brian compiled a manual for future GSIs in a position that is often short-term, illustrating his dedication to the education, preparation, and engagement of students.