Towner Prize Winner

Christina Kang-Yun

CEE 482/582: Environmental Microbiology

As a GSI, Christina Kang-Yun strived to ensure not only students’ understanding of the coursework, but also students’ interest in the content. By incorporating various media of teaching, such as pictures, movies, and demonstrations, Christina piqued students’ interest during lectures, a segment which can often be seen by students as tedious. Christina also made herself accessible and approachable to students, directly asking students if they needed assistance or if their understanding was solid. By interacting with students and taking the time to further explain unclear concepts, she demonstrated her dedication to the understanding and knowledge of her students. Students in Christina’s lab section and faculty especially appreciated her willingness and aptitude for tailoring her teaching style for students of various learning backgrounds and styles. By reflecting on her own experiences, Christina guided students through understanding concepts in a manner that was universal to all learning modalities, and by requesting feedback frequently, she was adaptable to student needs and requests to achieve her ultimate goal of encouraging student progress.