Towner Prize Winner

Isaac Spiegel

ME 360: Modeling, Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems

Isaac is dedicated to both ends of the learning spectrum in his classes: those that struggle with the difficult course material, and those that excel quickly and begin to lose interest in the course material. The students who struggle with the course material don’t always come to Isaac for help, but his intuition tells him who and how to help before they come to him. He wrote a study plan for a student who asked him to help them cover the breadth of the material in the course and set up less crowded, separate office hours for a few students who were overwhelmed by his crowded office hour sessions. For the students who grasped the material he taught quickly, he wrote guides to deeper information on the subject in order to keep them engaged with the material and prevent them from getting lost in dense technical material on the internet. Regardless of the learning abilities of the students he teaches, Isaac is passionate about sparking curiosity and a desire to delve into the course subject in every student that takes his class.