Towner Prize Winner

Jordan Noey

NERS 586: Applied Radiological Measurements

Quantifying and cleaning radioactive contamination is difficult to model in a laboratory setting because these situations only happen as an accident or incident in a real-world situation. Therefore, students lack knowledge and experience in controlling, cleaning, documenting, and reporting these situations properly before facing an emergency situation. Inspired by a student expressing their concerns about this, Jordan Noey developed and designed a proper lab that could model the situation. He brought common materials needed for decontamination and demonstrated for students how to properly clean in the presence of radiation materials. Students reported that because of Jordan’s work, they not only saw how dangerous contamination can be, but how to safely approach and prepare for the situation if it should arise. Because of Jordan Noey’s dedication and caring nature for his students, they were able to be continuously engaged and go beyond the basic ideas.