Towner Prize Winner

Karthik Urs

ME 350: Design and Manufacturing II

Karthik Urs demonstrated great dedication to educational quality for his students. Over seven semesters of teaching, Karthik worked on many innovative improvements with the lab portion of the course. To give students the best experience possible, these improvements aimed to increase maintainability, efficiency, and accessibility. Not only have these improvements (such as updating and re-writing lab material) better served students, but also enabled all of the instructors to teach better and faster. Karthik also implemented a new way for students to be able to submit their drawings for drafting through an easy-to-use, highly reliable, web-based drawing review system. He also played a key role in rapidly adapting the course for COVID-19. Throughout his years of teaching, Karthik Urs defined what it means to be innovative, creative, and passionate.