Towner Prize Winner

Patrick Doran

MECHENG 360: Modeling, Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems

During his time as a GSI, Patrick showed himself to be a creative and resourceful instructor, especially when he integrated virtual teaching tools as a response to the COVID surge of Winter 2022, when all the course’s in-person office hours were canceled. His innovative idea to blend the asynchronous course material with engaging and interactive virtual office hours allowed him to account for and accommodate various learning styles. When Patrick noticed that students were struggling to create and evaluate Bode plots, he surpassed expectations for GSIs by creating lectures, office hours, and multiple assignments surrounding Bode plots which enabled students to successfully learn the content. To help the class prepare for the final exam, Pat created and shared a practice exam and its solution key. The practice problems were specifically written to reflect the difficulty level and key concepts of the real final. The practice exam forced students to apply complex concepts and analyze their solutions. He also posted instructional videos of himself analyzing and solving a problem. During the days leading up to the final, he held additional office hours on his own time, ensuring that students could get into contact and communicate with him about the exam. Patrick’s commitment and dedication to supporting his students makes his remarkable brilliance in teaching evident.