Towner Prize Winner

Tony Shin

NERS 535: Detection Techniques for Nuclear Nonproliferation

As a GSI, Tony created new supplementary lecture/laboratory materials and an alternative assignment that have since been implemented into the NERS 535 curriculum. These additions have allowed students to gain fundamental nuclear laboratory experience and ultimately helped the students learn new methods to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. Noticing a “gap” between students of non-technical and technical backgrounds, Tony created a series of lectures that reviewed data processing skills, with the focus on the fundamental concepts of programming rather than a programming language itself. This created a self-sustaining environment in which all students began to work with each other more efficiently, as they now had a common ground for discussing data processing strategies and ideas. Tony’s unwavering standard for excellence in laboratory reports and exams helped push the students to perform their best work. He is now a graduate research fellow for the Consortium for Verification Technology.