Towner Prize Winner

Yifan Li

IOE 463: Measurement and Design of Work

Yifan Li’s tenure as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) in IOE 463: Measurement and Design of Work exemplified remarkable adaptability and innovative teaching approaches, particularly amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic during Winter 2022. In response to the transition to virtual learning, Yifan adeptly leveraged digital teaching tools to seamlessly blend asynchronous course content with engaging virtual office hours, effectively catering to diverse learning styles. Recognizing the complexities of ergonomic assessments, Yifan went above and beyond by developing specialized lectures, office hours, and assignments tailored to address students’ challenges in this area, fostering a comprehensive understanding among his students. His dedication to student success was further underscored by the creation of a practice exam closely aligned with the final assessment, supplemented by instructional videos to facilitate problem-solving skills development. Yifan’s unwavering commitment to providing additional support was evident through his provision of extended office hours, ensuring every student had ample opportunity for clarification and assistance. Yifan’s exceptional teaching prowess and steadfast commitment to academic excellence distinguish him as an outstanding candidate for recognition.