Towner Prize Winner

Yiqiao Huang

MATSCIE 250: Principles of Engineering Materials
MATSCIE 365: Materials Laboratory II

Yiqiao Huang demonstrated significant innovation as a teacher while being dedicated to his students’ success. Designing and displaying in-class demonstrations, Yiqiao encouraged students to think further on the mechanisms behind them and to actively participate in these demonstrations. For example, Yiqiao designed a demonstration to show that stiff steel bars can become brittle and can easily be broken. Students would work together to observe and apply multiple theories they learned in class, and this further develops their understanding of ductile to brittle transition, crystal structures, and slip systems. With Yiqiao’s innovative extensions to the experiments, students were able to find new ways of examining their specimens and broadening their data sets so they have a richer experience well beyond the obvious approaches. Through his teaching and dedication, Yiqiao Huang brought genuine and infectious curiosity and enthusiasm to his students, an ability that goes beyond the classroom.