1st Annual Poster Session (October 18, 2006)

  1. Burn, Helen & James Holloway.
    Why should I care? Student motivation in an introductory programming course.
  2. Finelli, Cynthia, Amy Gottfried, Matthew Kaplan, Vilma Mesa, Christopher O’Neal, & Mary Piontek.
    Evaluating methods to improve teaching in engineering.
  3. Harding, Trevor S. (California Polytechnic State University), Cynthia J. Finelli, & Donald D. Carpenter (Lawrence Technological University).
    Cheating in college and its influence on ethical behavior in the workplace.
  4. Hill, Richard & Dawn Tilbury.
    Introducing discrete-event systems into an undergraduate controls course.
  5. Interrante, Allison (University of Washington), Rachelle Reisberg (University of Washington), Sara Wadia-Fascetti (University of Washington, BalaMaheswaran (University of Washington), & Amanda Funai.
    Connections Physics Review (CPR) program.
  6. Koch, Darryl & Gary Herrin.
    Intervention strategy for improving success rates in calculus.
  7. Liu, Thomas, Christopher Deline, Rafael Ramos, Steven Sandoval, Ashley Smetana, Brian Gilchrist, Peter Washabaugh, & Nilton Renno.
    The student space systems fabrication laboratory: An approach to space systems engineering education.
  8. Lyons, Leliah & Zbigniew Pasek (University of Windsor).
    Enhancing engineering outreach with interactive game assessment.
  9. Meadows, Lorelle & Samantha Jarema.
    An evaluation of the impact of a service learning project in a required first-year engineering course.
  10. Pomales-Garcia, Cristina, Yili Liu, & Virginia Soto.
    Excellence in engineering education and educational technology: Views of undergraduate engineering students.
  11. Veenstra, Cynthia & Gary Herrin.
    An analysis of graduation rates at research universities.
  12. Veenstra, Cynthia & Gary Herrin.
    Using the SAT and ACT scores for placement into engineering placement courses.