Grant Support

CRLT-Engin provides consultations and support for engineering instructors who engage in faculty-sponsored research to incorporate teaching and learning into their proposals. Letters of support are also available for particular CRLT-Engin services.


How to Work With Us

Contact CRLT-Engin using the button “Request a Consultation” to schedule an initial meeting with one of our consultants. At this meeting, we will learn more about your proposal, discuss how CRLT-Engin can support it, and identify how our services can be integrated into your project. Due to the high demand for CRLT-Engin services, faculty must submit a request two months before their application deadline.

    NSF CAREER Award Timeline

    For the NSF CAREER award, please see the timeline below:

    • Request a consultation by May 31st.
    • One of our consultants will contact you to schedule a consultation (for NSF CAREER grants, consultations will happen in June).
    • CRLT-Engin letters of support will be sent after this meeting, no later than mid-July.

      Categories of Services

      Review sample language for your proposal.

      • Advisory Board Participation: CRLT-Engin consultants are experienced in educational development, engineering education research, and program evaluation. They can serve on advisory boards of funded NSF grants to provide guidance and feedback on the implementation of the project.
      • Classroom Observations and Student Feedback: To gauge the effectiveness of educational interventions, CRLT-Engin consultants can observe in-person and remote courses. Observations can also include the collection of student feedback (see Midterm Student Feedback (MSF) session for details). Prior to the observation, faculty will meet with a consultant to discuss the specific goals for the classroom observation.
      • Consultations: Consultation services related to educational grants can include the development of an education plan (for NSF CAREER Grants), creation and/or implementation of educational interventions, course design (or re-design), etc.
      • Research Dissemination: We can provide a platform to disseminate your work and research findings through inclusion in CRLT-Engin panel discussions and events; consultations on the development of and recruitment for PI-led workshops for faculty colleagues; and dissemination of your work via our CRLT-Engin electronic monthly newsletter.
      • Surveys: We can support PI’s in evaluating the effectiveness of their proposed educational activities. This support primarily includes survey development, implementation, and analysis of the activity. The fees for this service will vary depending on the scale of the request. To gather more extensive feedback (e.g., focus groups, interviews, etc.), working with an external evaluator is suggested.
      • Workshops: We provide customized, professional development workshops for faculty audiences that can be leveraged to build skills needed by the grant team or others associated with the grant. See recent customized departmental workshops. The fee for this service will vary depending on the scale of the request.