Learning Communities

CRLT-Engin hosts learning communities for CoE faculty to discuss topics of interest in more depth. We offer two types of learning communities: Communities of Practice (CoP) and Teaching Circles (TC).

Both are supportive environments facilitated by a CRLT-Engin consultant, and are scheduled around participant availability. However, they differ as follows:

  • Teaching Circles are more structured and require a higher level of commitment from participants (including mandatory attendance, pre-work and a final deliverable). Because of this, participants of teaching circles are compensated by the CoE. Examples of recent teaching circles include:
  • Communities of Practice are more flexible; they vary in structure, length and frequency of meetings depending on the goals of the participants. See examples of recent CoPs here.

Fall 2023 Communities of Practice

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)

Join peers this fall to explore the emerging impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in our teaching and learning spaces. You can expect to share experiences from your classrooms, discuss approaches to common discipline-specific assessment challenges, consider AI tools to support student learning, and inform evolving CoE guidelines on GenAI in instruction. Member interest will inform the topics discussed; subgroups may be appropriate if we have, for example, distinct disciplinary focus areas.

This community of practice will meet twice monthly throughout the Fall 2023 term.

Equity-centered Engineering

The purpose of this Community of Practice (CoP) is for participants of CRLT-Engin’s 2022-2023 learning communities (IT-BME & Teaching Engineering Equity Teaching Circles) to continue engaging in inclusive and equity-focused teaching conversations. It is an opportunity for participants to connect with colleagues inside and outside their departments, build community, and exchange ideas and resources. Unlike a teaching circle or IT-BME learning community, there isn’t an expected deliverable associated with a CoP, and the structure is more flexible. Each session will have a specific topic based on faculty interest. We also plan to invite speakers for some sessions. This CoP will meet every other week throughout the Fall 2023 semester. If you have any questions, please contact us at crlte-cop@umich.edu.