12th Annual Poster Session (March 14, 2018)

  1. Max Blackburn, Sarah Bork, Candace Wiwel, Aaron W. Johnson, Cynthia J. Finelli
    Impact of Flexible Classroom Spaces on Instructor Pedagogy and Student Behavior
  2.  Brandon Carter, Veronica Caro, Sahil Dagli, Gus Schissler and Joanna Millunchick
    Can Virtual Reality Enhance Learning in Materials Science and Engineering
  3. Caroline Crockett, Cynthia J. Finelli 
    A Systematic Literature Review: How do Students Respond to Active Learning? 
  4. Anne Curzan, Mark B. Moldwin
    Task Force on a Michigan Undergraduate Education in the Third Century 
  5. Jacqueline Handley, Aileen Huang-Saad, Cassandra Woodcock
    Exploring the BME Instructional Incubator
  6. Trevion S. Henderson, Emma Brennan-Wydra, Joanna Millunchick, Cindy J. Finelli 
    Undergraduate Socialization in Engineering: The Role of Institutional Tactics and Proactive Behaviors
  7. Leena Lalwani, Paul Grochowski, Jamie Niehof 
    Engineering Information Literacy: Are we Meeting the Need? 
  8. Jin Woo Lee, Shanna Daly, Aileen Huang-Saad, Colleen Seifert
    Comparing Design Processes in Academia and Industry of Microfluidic Professionals: Qualitative Analysis of Key Factors that Affected Their Design Processes 
  9. Shannon E. Moran, Claudio Vilas Boas Favero, Omolola Eniola-Adefeso
    Peer Mentoring in Graduate School: Fostering Diversity and Inclusivity to Achieve Scholarly Excellence
  10. James Perretta, Andrew DeOrio
    Teaching Software Testing with Automated Feedback 
  11. Perry Samson
    Linking Student Notes Contextually with Class Captures and External Resources 
  12. Jennifer A. Schmidt-McCormack, Ginger V. Shultz, Anne Ruggles Gere, Jessyca Judge, Kellie Spahr, Ellen Yang, Ashley Karlin, Atia Sattar, Barry C. Thompson  
    Implementation and Assessment of Writing-to-Learn Assignment in Acid-Base Chemistry 
  13. Prateek Shekhar, Aileen Huang-Saad, Julie Libarkin
    Operationalizing Entrepreneurial Behavior for Effective Assessment of Engineering Entrepreneurship Programs
  14. Rachel Vitali, Noel Perkins, Cynthia J. Finelli 
    Introduction and Assessment of iNewton for the Engaged Learning of Emgineering Dynamics 
  15. Jessica Whipple, Shelbie Prater, Joi Mondisa
    Examining the Engineering Attitudes and Experiences of Wolverine Pathways Participants 
  16. Andrew Zak, Fei Wen
    Student-Created Youtube Videos: A Multimedia Assignment to Foster Active Learning in a Large Engineering Classroom
  17. Nancy Wu, Anne J. McNeil
    Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC): Tools for Teaching Introductory Organic Chemistry Labs